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Single Frequency cw DPSS Lasers by BRaMMS laser technology

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BRaMMS laser technology: cost-effective technology for applications in portable and remotely controlled systems and devices

Is your business looking for something new and innovative in Single Frequency Laser technology, or searching for a cutting-edge DPSS Laser product which works at any wavelength within the range from NIR to UV? The UniKLasers may have just the sort of product you’re looking for. UniKLasers prides itself on innovation and its commitment to inventive engineering. This commitment has kept our company at the vanguard of DPPS laser technology, and has enabled us to bring to the market our new-generation BRaMMS laser technology products.

These cost-effective, ultra-compact, air cooled, all-solid-state laser technology products are the new choice on the current deep UV spectrum market and offer strong competition to the pulsed laser technologies traditionally offered by large excimer UV gas lasers and water cooled frequency tripled/quadrupled Nd:YAG systems. UniKLasers’ DPSS BRaMMS laser technology uniquely offers spectral coverage at any wavelength within the range from NIR to UV from just a single technology platform.

UniKLasers’ DPSS Lasers uniquely perform at any wavelength within the range from NIR to UV from just a single technology platform using our proprietary patented BRaMMS DPSS Laser technology. Through BRAMMS laser technology we are able to offer any wavelength within the spectrum range from IR (around 2000nm) through deep UV (<200nm) from its range of DPSS lasers operating in the cw Single Frequency regime. What’s more, due to the extremely low power consumption for any required output and the resulting simplified thermal management, the BRaMMS laser technology provides up to a 10 times wider range of output power scalability from the smallest footprint. This opens up applications in portable and remotely controlled systems and devices which, until UniKLasers products became available, have never before considered feasible.

UniKLasers DPSS lasers series are arguably the best choice where stability, reliability and durability matters. The unique BRaMMs technology, special optical design and intelligent power and temperature controls guarantee exceptional long-term stability, low noise, superior beam quality and a long and durable lifetime. These characteristics make UniKLasers’ BRaMMS Solo, Duetto and Quarto DPSS lasers ideal for use in a variety of demanding applications in leading edge research, Life sciences, Bio-Med, Semicon, and Environmental Metrology, from holographic art, large scale structural analysis, and pharmaceutical instrumentation to cutting edge particle trapping techniques, semiconductor wafer micro-processing, wind turbine power generation and avionic technologies.

The benefits of BRaMMS DPSS Laser Technology

  • Unique output power scalability and up to 10 times higher conversion efficiency than other leading designs
  • Very low noise: free from mode hops with < 0.1% rms and < 1MHz line width
  • Long coherence length means UniKLasers products are suitable for a much broader range of applications from light-hungry Bio-Med to very large-scale metrological applications
  • Gaussian beam profile: diffraction limited spot size: TEM00, < 1 mrad divergence
  • Compact laser head and separate controller communicating via GUI with a notebook leads to greatly reduced real estate: Laser heads from 50mm x 50mm x120mm; Controllers from 170mm x 53.5mm x 163mm

UniKLasers Products

UniKLasers have applied this advanced technology and now supplies 3 class-leading laser products:

  • BRaMMS – Solo-xxxx series: covering spectrum range 700nm-2000nm by the generation at the fundamental wavelength;
  • BRaMMS – Duetto-xxx series: covering spectrum range 350nm -780nm by an intracavity second harmonic generation; and
  • BRaMMS – Quartetto-xxx series: covering spectrum range 200nm – 380nm by an intracavity fourth harmonic generation.

If you would like more information about our patented BRaMMS laser technology or want to discover how UniKLasers’ unique DPSS laser technology can better help your business, then email sales@uniklasers.com, or visit our website www.uniklasers.com