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Single Frequency cw DPSS Lasers by BRaMMS laser technology

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Quartetto 266
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Duetto 320
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Duetto 349
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Duetto 355
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Duetto 442
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Duetto 515
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Duetto 532
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BRaMMS DPSS Laser technology by UniKLasers is the company’s proprietary pioneering technology platform.


It utilises the spectrum discriminatory feature of a Michelson interferometer setup within a spectral range preselected by VBG (Volume Bragg Grating).  This suppresses all but one lasing longitudinal mode within a laser cavity.  Hence – Bragg Range Michelson Mode Selector (BRaMMS).

Due to significantly lower power consumption for any required output and the resulting simplified thermal management, the BRaMMS laser technology provides up to 10 times wider range of output power scalability from the smallest footprint.


UniKLasers advances this technology via three main engineering lines:


1.           BRaMMS – Solo:

covering spectrum range 700nm-2000nm by the generation at the fundamental wavelength;

2.           BRaMMS – Duetto:

covering spectrum range 350nm -780nm by an intracavity second harmonic generation;

3.           BRaMMS – Quartetto:

covering spectrum range 200nm – 380nm by an intracavity fourth harmonic generation.


BRaMMS Laser Technology  provides new wavelengths

previously unattainable

by DPSS lasers in UV, Visible and Near IR.


Technology Feature



Ultra high efficiency for 2nd harmonic conversion

Unique output power scalability

Upto 10 times higher conversion efficiency than leading designs

Feedback locked Single Longitudinal Mode CW operation

Very low noise, free from mode hops

< 0.1% rms

< 1MHz line width

Long coherence length, > 100m

A much broader range of applications

From light hungry Bio-Med to very large scale metrological applications

Gaussian beam profile

Diffraction limited spot size

TEM00, < 1 mrad divergence

Stabilised thermal management at multiple points

Very high beam pointing stability

≤ 5µrad/ ºC

Low power consumption

Reduced requirement for laser head heat dissipation; no fans required

From < 20W; lowest power consumption for given output

Compact laser head and separate controller communicating via GUI with a notebook

Greatly reduced real estate

Laser heads from 50mm x 50mm x120mm;

Controllers from 170mm x 53.5mm x163mm

The BRaMMS laser technology is wordwide protected by:

  • US 8,498,316 –  Intra-Cavity Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) Laser Device
  • EPO 2424051 –  Intra-Cavity Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) Laser Device


Our technology is able to displace bulky and inefficient gas lasers like argon-ion or helium cadmium lasers, dinosaurs of the laser industry. UniKLasers Single Frequency DPSS lasers are compact, reliable and long life systems, in demand for many cutting edge research and industrial applications, for example:

  • life sciences instrumentation,
  • semiconductor wafer metrology,
  • holographic imaging,
  • particle trapping,
  • wind turbine power generation,
  • avionic technologies…

Due to our single technology platform BRaMMS our CW Single Frequency DPSS lasers come in one of the sizes given below:

Quartetto – UV range


Quartetto-266 laser head and high power controller

Quartetto-266 laser head and high power controller


Duetto and Solo – High Power range

Laser Head wavelength-power High Range


Duetto and Solo – Low Power range

Laser Head wavelength-power Low Range

High and Low Power laser heads and controllers

High and Low Power laser heads and controllers


High and Low Power laser heads and controllers (different view)

High and Low Power laser heads and controllers (different view)

image greenlight 2

BRaMMS – Duetto – 532/2000 during assembly