DPSS Distributor

We are pleased to announce our new distributor for North America – RPMC Laser Inc.

  • RPMC Laser will work as UniKLasers national distributor for Single Frequency CW DPSS lasers throughout North America.
  • RPMC Laser is the leading supplier of solid state lasers and laser diodes in North America. The company is also an OEM supplier working with top manufacturers in the industrial, medical, military and scientific markets.
  • RPMC Laser was incorporated in 1996 and is based in O’Fallon, Missouri, USA. The company prides themselves in an impressive choice of laser products from the technology leading manufacturers, great customer service and high quality technical advice and support that permits informed customer decisions.
  • UniKLasers will be working closely with RPMC lasers, so they always have most up to date in-depth technical knowledge of our products from our current and upcoming range of Single Frequency DPSS lasers.