New company video: An Introduction to UniKLasers.

We’re pleased to share our new company video.  It will give you an overview of UniKLasers’ business and a glance into our cleanroom facilities, where we manufacture Single Frequency CW DPSS Lasers at various wavelengths from NIR through visible to UV.  UniKLasers’ Single Frequency DPSS lasers are suitable for a variety of applications such as Raman Spectroscopy, Optical Tweezing, Metrology & Sensing, Holography, Quantum Technologies and many more.

Our team has recently doubled in size and you can meet some of our team members talking about BRaMMS technology, its uses and UniKLasers in general. This is an exciting time for us at UniKLasers as we grow commercially by introducing new wavelengths and power options to our existing range of CW DPSS lasers (go to our products page for more information).

UniKLasers is dedicated to innovation – we continue to work at the forefront of photonics’ technology and take an active role in the UK national Quantum Technologies programme, specifically with Single Frequency DPSS lasers emitting at 698 nm, 780 nm and 813 nm – long awaited by Research, Space, Defence and Finance markets.  (for more information click here).