UniKLasers will be taking part in Optics, Lasers and Imaging day organised by LAS Photonics.

OLI day will take place on 5 June 2018 in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Our New Business Development Manager will be delivering a technical presentation about UniKLasers’ proprietary patented BRaMMS technology and its advantages.

The participants will hear about UniKLasers technological advantages that allow us to manufacture SLM DPSS lasers at a variety of wavelengths, including 640 nm, 532 nm, 523 nm, 698 nm, 515 nm and 442 nm Single Frequency DPSS and narrow width DPSS lasers.

This is a ‘by invitation only’ event and we feel excited to be invited to present to our potential customers from scientific communities and various industries.  Our lasers are used in holography, interferometry, brillouin, raman spectroscopy, optical tweezing, strontium transition and other applications,  and we are looking to speak to the specialists in this application sector and new ones about their requirements for currently available wavelengths.  We regularly bring new Single Frequency wavelengths to the market, and this workshop gives us an excellent opportunity to hear about industry demands from the application specialists.