3D Laser Lithography

3D Laser Lithography is a Natural for UnikLasers

Many today are familiar with 3D-generated printing capabilities. Using a similar analogy, 3D laser lithography involves technology that produces 3D microscopic structures via a laser construction tool. This is not an edge-of-the envelope field anymore. 3D laser lithography is regularly used in over 30 different countries, and well of 550 advanced experimental projects have pushed its capabilities even further in terms of what can be created. The application of 3D laser lithography is particularly helpful in prototyping of high technology product ideas in micromechanics, nanostructures, biomedical engineering and much more. UnikLasers has been manufacturing high technology laser capabilities for decades, providing customers the highest level of consistent laser output in lab and production applications. The application of UnikLasers' product line to 3D laser lithography is a natural relationship that leverages the long history and advanced expertise of the Edinburgh United Kingdom company with today’s needs in micro-assembly work.

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