UniKLasers is dedicated to producing Unique Lasers, namely those with the purest emitted light with true single frequency operation, all based on novel proprietary patented BRaMMS technology.

The company is dedicated to innovation in the field of single frequency DPSS lasers. We brand ourselves as the Home of Single Frequency DPSS lasers. UniKLasers has the widest choice of available wavelengths with different output powers on the current market. We regularly introduce new wavelengths in response to market demand and customised developments for individual clients

The K in UniKLasers stands for our founder, Professor Fedor Karpushko, a world-renowned physicist.  During his distinguished career he has continuously championed innovation and pioneered laser technology, which resulted in over 150 scientific publications and over 45 patents.

UniKLasers Ltd was founded by Professor Fedor Karpushko in 2013. Since then UniKLasers has achieved substantial growth, received private and venture capital investments, received support from Scottish Enterprise and won several Innovate UK awards.


Our main office, R&D and manufacturing facilities are located in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.Scotland is our base due to its well-developed professional environment for optoelectronics and photonics companies.  It has a growing cluster of leading edge universities, research and professional organisations in photonics and world-leading laser companies. UniKLasers take an active role in the Scottish photonics community. The company is closely engaged with the Centre for Applied Photonics in the UK, located in Glasgow, (,  is a member of Technology Scotland (, and collaborates with many Scottish universities, including the Centre for Doctoral Training in Applied Photonics (

Sales are run from Scotland, England and Germany fuelled by UniKLasers experienced technical sales team of people that travel world-wide.

BRaMMS DPSS Laser technology is UniKLasers’ proprietary pioneering technology platform.

BRaMMS stands for Bragg Range Michelson Mode Selection.

UniKLasers technology utilises the spectrum discriminatory feature of a Michelson interferometer setup within a spectral range preselected by Volume Bragg Grating (VBG).  This suppresses all but one lasing longitudinal mode within a laser cavity.

Due to significantly lower power consumption for any required output and the resulting simplified thermal management, the BRaMMS laser technology provides up to 10 times wider range of output power scalability from the smallest footprint. It opens up applications within portable and remotely controlled systems and devices, which were never before considered feasible.

This proprietary patented technology provides reliable, cost effective, compact all-solid-state and class leading solutions for both well-established and currently unavailable wavelengths in the NIR, visible as well as in the emerging UV-spectrum range, whilst maintaining environmentally sound methodologies.


UniKLasers advances this technology via three main engineering lines:

BRaMMS – Solo series:

covering spectrum range 520nm – 2000nm by generation at the fundamental wavelength of a laser gain material;

BRaMMS – Duetto series:

covering spectrum range 250nm -700nm by intracavity second harmonic generation;

BRaMMS – Quartetto series:

covering spectrum range 200nm – 380nm by enhancement cavity fourth harmonic generation.

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