Multiple Choices are Available for CW DPSS Laser Products

As one reads through the related literature, the CW DPSS Laser is regularly referenced. Specifically, CW stands for continuous wave output, and DPSS refers to a diode pumped solid state. When applied in the context of laser, it refers to the ability to generate a laser beam with a very low optical noise generation as well as with very consistent and long-term stability. It’s the laser we think of when then Hollywood version of lasers come to mind in imagination. UnikLasers has a long track record in the production of CW DPSS Lasers, with products ranging from versions with a deep UV output to those with NIR. The output specifications are top quality in excellence and reliable performance over time. Because our laser products utilize a BRaMMS technology assembly, they come with regular benefits such as high power stability and management, ultra-low noise generation, a very narrow laser linewidth, no additional cooling assemblies are needed in operation, and a high level of reliability in beam quality.

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