Fedor Karpushko

Fedor Karpushko, The Man Behind the Single Frequency Laser

UnikLasers, like many companies in technology, is founded on a ground-breaking combination of knowledge, experience and advanced laser application developed by a key person. For our company that aggregation of leadership is in Professor Fedor Karpushko. Being unsatisfied with what was being achieved already, Karpushko pushed for the integration of additional components to SLM DPSS lasers, producing the new ability to determine ahead of time the laser spectral range as desired. Because the new ability gave a laser user additional new control, one only now had to worry about the channel through which the laser was to be applied, namely the travel cavity. Karpushko’s approach applied a Michelson arrangement which in turn produces a significant level of laser stability during practical usage and running at a desired single frequency. With the additional control now achieved in laser usage, UnikLasers in Edinburgh, United Kingdom is able to offer customers an application package that can be applied in far greater specificity demands than lasers were used in before.

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Fedor Karpushko