Holography In Laser

Holography In Laser Achieves the Higher Quality Image

For the best form of holography generation, a laser light is going to be necessary, both to display the holograph as well as developing the fine detail of the complete image in 3-dimensional application. This is because the laser is capable of generation the necessary microscopic detail the natural eye can discern between a model and an image generated as a hologram. A laser is not essential to create a hologram as even a computer can generate a hologram these days, but if a high quality best image is needed, then the laser approach is going to be the path one takes to achieve the requisite image quality. And when a laser is applied, there needs to be consistency in its usage to generate the image coherence which directly impacts image resolution. In a nutshell, a single frequency laser generation with very stable power supply becomes a necessity. All of these aspects are easily met by UnikLasers products that can be obtained in different wavelengths as needed. The right assembly mix can even generate a full colour hologram image if needed.
Representing More than Just a Halftone Illuminated Teddy Bear
When it comes to memorable holograms in the artificial image generation industry, the halftone illuminate teddy bear is now becoming a recognized standard. This hologram image, generated by a uniquely controlled single frequency laser application gives the impression of not just a kids’ plush toy, but one that seems to be illuminated internally, as if it has its own lighting system. The image is entirely achievable because of the way that a laser assembly can be controlled. UnikLasers regularly displays the halftone illuminated teddy bear when discussing its product line because the image is so iconic and illustrative of the holography capability of their laser products. Not to mention, the image is kind of cute too. With the wide range of product line available from UnikLasers in Edinburgh, one can have a single, dual or even a four colour spectrum for a full holographic image generation system. The limitations are only in what one can do with the equipment creatively.

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