Laser And Spectroscopy

Laser And Spectroscopy Capabilities are Now Expanded

With spectroscopy long being a standard for chemical analysis in lab conditions, the ability to use the laser for such work becomes a bread and butter necessity for analytical output. However, standard applications are regularly being crowded by new, unique applications of spectroscopy, particularly in the biological studies arena. And the laser application makes such analytical work possible at the atomic level. UnikLasers sees a regular and heavy application of its Ramen spectrometers in the lab and analytical fields, especially when being applied to biological sample behavior studies as well as where fluorescence needs to be excised as a variable in the experimental conditions. Because of the high specificity output achieved with UnikLasers products, lab analysts are able to push the boundaries of laser application in measurement, as well as control experiments to a much finer interaction level than before. Add in factors of a high stability of long-periods of time with low power consumption, and experiments with far greater scope become very possible and doable with UnikLasers.
Going Further in the Lab With Quantum Cascade Laser Spectroscopy
Pushing the additional capability boundaries of spectroscopy, a quantum cascade laser is one that generates a beam in the middle to long-wave IR spectrum. Because this area of light generation is very different applications, it is generating in the form of a laser tool additional sensing capabilities, medical examination ability, and military enhancements. The common trend in all of these areas is the use and reliability of quantum cascade laser spectroscopy in measurement sensing, whether it be safely identifying explosives from a distance or generating infrared images for diagnosis. Because of UnikLasers’ large portfolio of laser products as well as three decades of technological and technical experience in the field, we are able to generate advanced spectroscopy equipment to meet the latest demands in measurement capability. When one actually tests our products in application and realizes the detailed results possible, UnikLasers in Edinburgh usually meets and exceeds expectations dramatically.

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