Laser Cooling And Trapping Of Atoms

Laser Cooling And Trapping Of Atoms Done Reliably

One of the big demands for experimental work in quantum physics is the need to be able to cool and trap atoms for examination. Many such applications require reaching as close as possible to absolute zero in temperature to fully realize and observe physics behavior at the atomic level. One example of this would be the Bose-Einstein condensation effect. In a nutshell, an atom is moving in a given direction generating a temperature doing so. A laser application can shoot a photon in a different direction, thereby slowing the atom’s movement and reducing its temperature, ergo the desired effect. To do all of this, one needs a laser capable of spectroscopy capabilities. UnikLasers in Edinburgh United Kingdom produces these tools based on the knowledge and technology of Professor Fedor Karpushko and his unique approach to capturing a single laser output generation. Not only is the atom cooling capability greater, it is also reliable and consistent for experimental research as well.

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