DPSS Lasers for Quantum Applications

Fedor Karpushko 1, Mark Mackenzie 1, Paul White 1, Gerald Bonner 2, Alex Lagatsky 2, Bence Szutor 1, Jonathan Jones 3, Yeshpal Singh 3

1 UniKLasers Ltd

2 Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics

3 University of Birmingham


Research on the development of DPSS lasers suitable for quantum technologies

applications at 698.45 nm and 780.24 nm targeting Strontium and Rubidium transitions.

Lasers for quantum applications

Quantum technology based on lasers has potential uses in many existing and developing applications. Existing atomic clocks are used in GPS satellites and in the synchronization of systems across the world. Improved atomic clocks based on elements such as Strontium offer significant improveme