Highly Compact and Robust Narrow Linewidth Lasers for QT Applications | SPIE Photonex 2021

In person: 30 September 2021 • 12:10 PM - 12:30 PM BST | Exhibition Hall 4, Industry Stage

Quantum Technology (QT) markets are growing rapidly, accelerated by the tremendous effort put into the fast commercialisation of integrated systems for field applications in quantum computing, encryption, imaging, and sensing. Quantum sensors hold great promise for exploiting quantum properties, enabling sensing resolutions higher than ever before, with the opportunity to see and observe what was previously impossible. Narrow-linewidth lasers are key components of such sensors, with specific wavelength, power, and linewidth requirements. From an engineering point-of-view, developing highly compact and robust laser systems is a significant challenge. UniKLasers have participated in numerous QT focused development collaborations, such as the MINUSQULE, LQT813, and GRAVITY PIONEER projects funded by UKRI, and we are now focusing on system integration and miniaturisation challenges of DPSS laser systems as part of the QT Assemble consortium. This talk intends to introduce the various challenges, limitations and necessary steps required to achieve truly single-frequency and narrow-linewidth lasers in field applications for quantum sensing and metrology.

UniKLasers develops, designs, and manufactures single frequency, continuous wave DPSS lasers from the UV to NIR at mid- to high power outputs. Designed for system integration, our ultra-narrow linewidth laser systems have unrivalled power and wavelength stability that make them suitable for a wide range of demanding applications - including Quantum Technology, Raman Spectroscopy, Holography, Flow Cytometry, and more.

Research Engineer Ben Szutor holds a MEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Edinburgh and is finishing up his Engineering Doctorate from Heriot-Watt University with a focus on the study of Single Frequency Lasers at Exotic Wavelengths for Quantum Technologies. At UniKLasers, Ben brings novel engineering expertise that guides the development of our QT laser series. Ben recently received the Laser Focus World Rising Stars Award for his contributions to ongoing laser research.

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