Laser Focus World 2021 Rising Stars Awards: Ben Szutor

UniKLasers R&D Engineer, Ben Szutor has been selected to receive the Laser Focus World 2021 Rising Star Award!

"Ben joined the UniKLasers team three years ago through the Engineering Doctorate programme organised by the Centre for Doctoral Training for Applied Photonics, based in Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh. This four-year programme combines PhD-level ‘business-based and led’ research projects with masters-level technical and MBA courses. We are delighted to see Ben Szutor, one of our talented engineers recognised by this prestigious Laser Focus Rising Star award." -- Anastasia Bombrys, UniKLasers COO.

Ben has co-authored research papers in the area of single frequency DPSS lasers at exotic wavelengths for quantum technologies. He has also been a key contributor to UniKLasers quantum projects that focus on the commercialisation of quantum technology (QT) to position our company as a leading supplier of lasers for QT applications.

Ben has also developed a laser that matches the optical performance of current Ti:sapphire lasers within a compact footprint and at the price point of an external-cavity diode laser (ECDL). Through laser system redesign of the UniKLasers technology platform and testing novel laser materials, Ben demonstrated laser operation on crucial, but difficult-to-access laser lines. This resulted in the development of the ultra-stable, compact, single frequency, solid-state laser operating at the “magic” Strontium wavelength of 813 nm. This project enables economic opportunities for supply chain optimization and delivers novel world-leading, underpinning technologies for the quantum industry. The demonstrated laser platform will leapfrog the UK in the exploitation of global QT research.

"Ben is an excellent addition of our team. He is a naturally talented and hardworking engineer. In addition to laser design skills, Ben demonstrates strong innovative skills in laser and laser control electronics." -- Professor Fedor Karpushko, UniKLasers Founder & CSO.