Meet UniKLasers at the world's flagship photonics event

UniKLasers are excited to return to Photonics West 2020 after very successful attendances in recent years. We will be sending a strong team including Fedor Karpushko (CEO), Anastasia Bombrys (COO), Roger Brueggemann (Global Sales & NBD) & Ben Szutor (R&D) to further enhance our presence and availability for events, customers & interested parties.

We're proud of our strong Scottish identity and can easily be found by looking for the tartan, shortbread and whiskey fudge at the UK Pavilion, Booth 5053. We enjoy this Photonics event and the opportunities it gives us to further enhance our reputation in the industry, network within the photonics industry whilst getting to know our existing and potential customers in a face-to-face environment.

UniKLasers will showcase an evolving range of high performance, single frequency DPSS lasers, including our second-generation Solo 640 Series with remote control function boasting output powers up to 1000mW and our advanced quantum technology line-up for cold atom interferometry, gravimetry and atomic clocks - Solo 780.24, Solo 689.4 and Solo 698.4.

Diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) and external-cavity diode (ECD) lasers are both ideal candidates for narrow-linewidth applications targeting the emerging quantum technology market. We will be sharing our findings with regards to the spectral density contrast (s.d.c), or the ratio of the application-spec