Press Release: UniKLasers Launch World's First Laser to Operate With 349 nm Single Frequency


EDINBURGH, Scotland UK Thursday 11th February 2021 – UniKLasers Limited, a leading manufacturer of high precision scientific laser instrumentation, has launched its new ultra-violet (UV) laser – The Duetto 349 – a single frequency DPSS CW device which emits at 349 nanometres (nm) with a 50mW output – making it the world’s first laser to operate with single frequency at 349 nm.

The Duetto 349 is the latest in a portfolio of laser products that combine the key aspects of high power at an ultra-narrow linewidth, with exceptional spectral and power stability.

This high-performance laser can be used across a wide range of scientific research and industrial engineering processes – including complex tasks such as Raman Spectroscopy, Flow Cytometry, Confocal Microscopy, High Precision Optics and Biomedical Engineering - applications where the laser system provides continuous wave (CW) to further enhance engineering precision.

Current UV CW laser solutions for these applications are large, either due to a need for a gas cavity, external doubling cavity, or additional frequency-doubling steps. This hinders integration into existing, established measurement systems where lasers with a small footprint, low ongoing maintenance requirements, and high stability are well suited.

For instance, in the semiconductor field there is a strong trend towards miniaturisation driven largely by modern smartphones or tablets - pushing the industry to develop devices with more functionality packed into a smaller form factor. As the complexity on the wafer surfaces grows, it is essential that these fabricated devices are monitored for optimisation and quality control, both during and after processing.

Critical parameters - such as thin film thickness or non-uniformity in deposition, defects, holes and scratches, overall flatness, deviations in the crystal structure or consistency of doping - can be detected and optimised using several interferometric techniques.