Single Frequency DPSS lasers for Raman Spectroscopy - White Paper

To receive unique information about a specimen, Raman spectroscopy is looking for low power signals very close in wavelengths against an excitation wavelength of much more intense light.

Looking at the 1 in 106 event that a photon of light scatters with a different energy from which it started by interacting with material’s chemical bonds requires a single frequency laser with a narrow linewidth and excellent spectral purity.

Whilst diode lasers have advantages in terms of cost and efficiency, they are inherently limited in linewidth narrowness and spectral purity. It is particularly true for shorter wavelengths as it makes them unsuitable when high resolution is needed. DPSS lasers offer significantly narrower linewidths and spectral purity and are worth their extra cost.

At UniKLasers we specialise in making mid to high power CW DPSS lasers with excellent linewidth, spectral purity and long-term stability across the spectrum, including such rare wavelengths as 523 nm, 640 nm, 689 nm, 698 nm, 780.24 nm and many other.

If you would like to know more and what laser might be right for your application within a field of Raman Spectroscopy, check out our White Paper - Use of Single Frequency DPSS lasers in Raman Spectroscopy.

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