Sustainability Considerations in Laser Manufacturing | COP26

At UniKLasers, we continue to reduce our environmental impact while maintaining good business practice - finding new ways to both implement cost-saving measures and minimise our overall waste and carbon footprint.

UniKLasers facility and cleanroom

Our green efforts are present across all our business functions and start in the cleanroom. We relocated to new premises in the summer of 2020, designing our own space to better work through the pandemic, while allowing us to implement a number of eco-friendly changes.

We built a cleanroom that expands our production capacity by 300% and the Class 7 classification meant that we could up-cycle our previous lab's optical benches and tools - instead of sourcing new ISO-stringent equipment that is required in higher classification areas. However, this also meant outfitting the lab with a suitable temperature and air flow control system. For our cleanroom size, the system we selected is the most efficient on the market and considerably reduces our impact on the environment.

Following the move, we replaced our disposable cleanroom garments with reusable suits from Micronclean - a cleanroom garments provider operating with a circular economy product cycle. According to a 2018 life cycle analysis comparing reusable and disposable cleanroom coveralls, there is an estimated 27% decrease in carbon footprint, 34% less energy used, 73% reduction in water use, and a 95% decrease in solid waste-to-landfill through the adoption of the reusable cleanroom coveralls.

Cleanroom suit cartoon pictured with sustainability statistics for re-usable cleanroom garments