Join us at the UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase

Fedor Karpushko at UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase 2019

We're at the UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase at the QEII Centre in London to showcase our range of ultra-high performance, single frequency DPSS lasers for quantum technology applications. Our QT line-up lasers cover rubidium and strontium atomic transition frequencies with output powers up to 100 mW for our Solo 780.24 QT Series.

The quantum technology sector is quickly opening up to exciting new commercial opportunities in finance, defence and research with UKRI’s Innovate UK today announcing £1 billion in funding over the next decade to support these ventures. We’re excited to be at the forefront of this quantum revolution.

Our partners from the Gravity Pioneer project are also in attendance. We're really proud to have worked alongside many key research groups and industry leaders on this ground-breaking research.

Find our CEO Prof Fedor Karpushko at booth DS6 this afternoon!