World Quantum Day | April 14th

Today marks the launch of the first ‘World Quantum Day’. Quantum scientists, research consortiums, development groups, students, educators, and organisations from over 65 countries are celebrating and sharing their knowledge with the rest of the world.

Celebrated on April 14th (4.14), the day refers to the rounded digits of Planck’s constant: 4.135667696 × 10^−15 eV.s - a product of energy and time that is one of the fundamental constants governing quantum physics, relating photon energy to its frequency.

As a leading provider of quantum laser sources and a key partner in several national quantum research projects, we highlight our own quantum technology development to celebrate the ongoing advances in various quantum applications.

Quantum technology requires ultra-stable and ultra-narrow linewidth laser sources that operate on the exact photon energy of the desired doppler shifted atom transition. Lasers also need to be robust, portable, and lightweight - to enable quantum research to move out of lab and into the field.

DPSS lasers are a good platform for meeting these requirements. They require less components, allowing for a small footprint, and have a higher efficiency than other systems, while delivering high output power. There is also the potential for a cleaner single frequency signal with a better transverse mode.

To help further advancements in quantum research, UniKLasers has been involved in several projects to develop lasers targeting Strontium and Rubidium absorption lines.

For more information on our project involvement, visit our Quantum page. To learn more about our lasers for quantum development, check out the Lasers for Quantum application note.

Happy #WorldQuantumDay!

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