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Narrow linewidths < 0.5 MHz, with our Quantum Range lasers < 0.3 MHz

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Turnkey installation with online diagnostics and service

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Output power stability within 2 % over 8 hours, ± 1.5 °C

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Industry-leading performance from a small footprint

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Virtually imperceptible power noise below 0.1 % RMS (10 Hz - 10 MHz)

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Less than 1 pm of spectral drift over 8 hours, ± 1.5 °C

Our Lasers



Our engineering platform utilises the spectrum discriminatory feature of a Michelson interferometer setup within a spectral range preselected by a VBG. This suppresses all but one lasing longitudinal mode within the laser cavity. Due to significantly lower power consumption and simplified thermal management, BRaMMS-based lasers provide improved output power scalability from a remarkably small footprint.

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