The emerging field of quantum technology promises radical developments in a variety of fields including metrology, cyber security, and computing. Already, many organisations rely on atomic clocks for their most accurate measurements of time with atomic clocks and there is a large scale movement to take quantum gravimeters out of the lab and into the field in order to monitor ice sheets and magma flows in volcanoes. All these technologies rely on accurately creating, manipulating and reading from quantum states of matter. This often requires lasers with excellent linewidth and stability in order to precisely manipulate the states of individual atoms. 

UniKLasers has been working closely with partners in quantum sensing, metrology and other technologies to supply bespoke lasers at the specific wavelengths related to the exact atomic transitions they wish to target, including our Solo 813.42 QT Series and Solo 780.24 QT Series for rubidium, and Solo 698.4 QT Series and Solo 689.4 QT Series for strontium. Our proprietary BRaMMS platform delivers outstanding output power and wavelength stability during prolonged operation suited to these demanding, revolutionary applications.

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QT Series Lasers

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