Quantum Information Technology

Quantum Information Technology is Here Now, Not Tomorrow

Going deeper into the quantum technology world is simply the natural trend of advanced physics technology today. This emerging field is pushing the boundaries of existing equipment as well as what lasers can provide or do with experimental interaction, achievement, measurement and data capture. Numerous industries and fields are being impacted by the change and the introduction of the quantum element, including cyber security, computing, and metrology. For example, if one wants the exact time for the most accurate scheduling of events or measurement, an atomic clock is going to be necessary. That technology is heavily reliant now on quantum technology. And to do all of this application, one needs the capability to generate a laser that is extreme control characteristics. It has to be reliably stable over long periods, be extremely fine in linewidth, and generate low heat, particularly when working at the atomic level. UnikLasers has been meeting the demand and call for such laser products for years, supporting the quantum information technology market at multiple levels. UnikLasers technology is so reliant and reputable, we can easily guarantee product performance beyond a prolonged and continuous 8-hour operation window.

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