Single Frequency Fiber Laser

Single Frequency Fiber Laser

While UnikLasers has produced with Professor Fedor Karpushko’s work a practical approach to a single frequency fiber laser, some might ask what the useful application of such might be in real time situations. Those in the know already smile, but for the layman the implications of a consistent single frequency and low temperature application are many. They include optical data storage generation in computers, laser spectroscopy such as that used by LIDAR equipment for mapping, optical fiber communications which move data transfer by the millions of data bits per second, and use in optical metrology. UnikLasers works with multiple industries in incorporating its laser technology into their practical needs and equipment. The results are enhanced movement of data or generation of minute and intensive measurement capability not achievable through other means. This is the world that Fedor Karpushko’s work achieved and UnikLasers in Edinburgh puts in your hands with practical application.
Single Frequency Laser Applications Push New Frontiers
A single frequency laser is entirely possible due to Professor Fedor Karpushko’s application of a Michelson arrangement to an SLM DPSS laser generator. Specifically, the Michelson interferometer is applied so that the laser’s spectral range is determined before generation by a VBG. Because the Michelson arrangement acts as a restrictor, in a sense, the output of the laser can be narrowed to just one singular frequency. The output is generated with a linewidth just under 500 kHz, and a very low heat signature. That in turn can be lowered even more with the use of working heat sinks to draw the laser radiant temperature away while being used. The entire process has a far lower power demand and a far easier thermal output to manage, both of which are big improvements for regular labor work and operation costs. As a result, this is a game-changer UnikLasers in the United Kingdom is able to provide customers and their teams working in laser applications with constraints.

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