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Single Frequency cw DPSS Lasers by BRaMMS laser technology

DPSS Laser Technology Benefits
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Quartetto 266
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Duetto 320
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Duetto 349
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Duetto 355
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Duetto 442
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Duetto 515
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Duetto 532
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Solo 523
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Solo 640
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Solo 698
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Solo 1064
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UKL Junior Laser Engineer
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UKL Laser Engineer
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Unbeatable Single Frequency Performance from UV to NIR

UniKLasers Laser

  • Excellent beam quality
  • 100m+ Coherence Length
  • Free from mode hops
  • Ultra-low noise
  • 10x Higher Conversion Efficiency
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Built-in thermoelectric cooling
  • BRaMMS Lasers – Built on Experience

    Professor Fedor Karpushko

    Our founder and CEO Professor Fedor Karpushko is a world-renowned physicist who has constantly championed innovation and pioneered laser technology. His R&D activities resulted in more than 150 scientific and technical publications and over 20 patents.

    UniKLasers products are built using his latest invention, the BRaMMS Laser. BRaMMS allows us to build CW Single Frequency DPSS in frequencies not previously possible – from UV through Visible to Near IR.

    Successful exhibition at Photonics West 2017

    We are back from a successful exhibition at Photonics West 2017. Our stand was well attended and we look forward to returning next year with a bigger team and new products. read more >>

    UniKLasers’ Single Frequency DPSS lasers are at PW 2017!

    See our Single Frequency DPSS lasers at Photonics West 2017! We are manufacturers of ultra-compact Single Frequency DPSS lasers. Our current range of CW Single Frequency DPSS lasers comprises of 1064, 698, 670, 640, 532, 523, 515, 442, 360, 355, 349, 320, 266, 261.5 with various power ranges up to 3W. Full specification information is […] read more >>

    Laser World of Photonics 2017, June 26-29, Munich, Germany

    We will be returning once again to Laser World of Photonics 2017, June 26-29, Munich, Germany. Like with Photonics West, we wouldn’t miss exhibiting our lasers at the only trade fair covering all areas of photonics in Europe. We are manufacturers of ultra-compact Single Frequency DPSS lasers. Our current range of CW Single Frequency DPSS […] read more >>

    UniKLasers launch world’s smallest deep UV laser

    World’s smallest deep UV laser opens up new applications Highest efficiency & output power from 266 CW Single Frequency DPSS laser with the smallest footprint on today’s market. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK: UniKLasers is launching a brand new Quartetto-266 – Continuous Wave Single Frequency DPSS laser emitting 266nm deep Ultra-Violet light with extremely low noise and […] read more >>